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Sweet, Sweet Crack

pairings nature never intended

Thirty Cracktastic Pairings
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....Who did WHAT, now?
Because everyone deserves love!

This community is devoted to shining the sweet light of fan-love onto previously unimagined pairings. Not just unpopular pairings, mind you--think bigger than that! Think pure, magnificent brain crack! Have you ever noticed that Sephiroth seemed overly fond of that sword, wondered what Solid Snake's true feelings for his cardboard box were, or detected a certain subtle perviness among Tachikoma? Has your mind ever reeled with the realization that the black cat follows Vash because it's True Love? Ever just felt like tossing two (or three, or five) characters together because it made no sense? Stretch your brain and write about it!

Feel free to join just to watch, but please try to comment or post SOMETHING--everyone loves an audience. :)

It's simple: pick a fandom and get to it! 30 fics or pieces of art, no deadline. Fluffy romance, angst-ridden longing, or HOT FILTHY SMUT, it's up to you. There's only one rule, and that's NO CROSSOVERS. If somehow you run out of characters in your chosen fandom, remember that inanimate objects need love too--Pyramid Head + chainsaw OTP! <3 <3

The following themes are optional, but help to get the juice flowing.

1. vehicle
2. handwritten letter
3. ballroom dancing
4. fire in the fireplace
5. broken watch
6. it went so fast
7. bright light
8. mother
9. in the kitchen
10. sweet, sweet money
11. the pain, it BURNS
12. office furniture
13. bet you can't get there in time
14. spinning
15. detonation
16. carbon
17. now there's two of them
18. tentacles
19. I can fly!
20. a new religion
21. the produce section
22. failure
23. king of the world, baby
24. makeup
25. completely unimpressed
26. that's a nice hat
27. green
28. breakfast
29. count to ten
30. musical instruments

Guidelines for posting
1. Lj-cut your fics, please.
2. Rate your fic accurately on the G/NC-17 scale.

A good, simple fic header might be something like this:

Title: Oh the Humanity!
Fandom: Pong
Theme: #6, "it went so fast"
Pairing: Paddle + Paddle
Rating: PG
Summary (optional): So close, but destined never to touch! The paddles are forced to play out their forbidden lusts from afar--and to hurt the ones they love.
fluff, goofy humor, het, inanimate objects, lewd snickering, obscure characters, phone sex, smut for everyone, wanton perversity, wierd pairings, wtf, yaoi, yuri